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Kids always have questions. Now it’s your turn.

Stock up on reassuring answers & indispensible guidance. From a trusted source and people who’ve been there. Not another “to do”. More like a helpful “can do”.

Stay Updated:

For Parents

Online is best if you want:

• Self-paced.
• Inspiring, make-you-smile videos.
• 24 high-impact videos rooted in the reliable Word of God.
• Activities, questions, and printables.
• Bonus materials: parenting stages, contemporary issues, marital challenges.
• Foundational “raising and releasing” activity for each child.
• Encouraging. Energizing. Practical. Worth it.

If not now, when?

For Groups

Group Study is best if you want:

• An interactive group study experience for parents
• 8 engaging video sessions with scenes from the film "Like Arrows,” interviews with parenting experts and real-life stories from moms and dads
• Christ-centered help for parents of children of all ages, including single parents and stepparents.
• Bonus online material for every parenting stage.
• Plans for a church launch event with FamilyLife’s feature film “Like Arrows”.

If not now, when?

Like Arrows

No one ever sets out to be a bad parent.

What does it look like to miss the mark…
AND get back on course? Come see.

In theatres May 1 and 3, Like Arrows.