The Art of Marriage Ops

Marriage is the most important commitment that a man and woman can make. When the pressures of military service threaten the marriages of military couples, it often takes outside forces to keep that commitment strong.

The Art of Marriage Ops campaign was created for this very reason. FamilyLife and Cru Military believes it is our duty to fight for the marriages of those who fight for us.

Thanks to the generosity of a patriotic donor, who desires to put these unique resources in the hands of those who want to serve our military couples, FamilyLife is able to equip many with these marriage-saving DVD-based materials. Under this special offer, any chapel, church, or small group leader may apply to receive one of the following four kits if it willing to facilitate a military-focused event or small group:

  • The Art of Marriage Event Kit (one-and-a-half day event)
  • The Art of Marriage Small Group Kit (six weekly sessions with small group discussion)
  • Stepping Up Small Group Kit (ten weekly sessions with small group discussion)

Upon completion of the online form, you will receive the kit you request plus a set of FamilyLife and Cru Military resources geared for military couples.

Thank you for your willingness to participate in this outreach to those who serve sacrificially!