growing your faith in college

How to Stay Christian at a Christian College

Christian college isn’t a guarantee that students will keep the faith. A thriving relationship with God doesn’t happen simply by immersion.

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attending church

‘Mom, Why Isn’t Dad Coming to Church?’

‘Should I be shielding him? Pretend he’s just tired? I feel like I’m on damage control for his decision.’ Tips to respond when your spouse isn’t into it.

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student mission trips

5 Reasons Your Student Shouldn’t Go On a Mission Trip

The nations are in desperate need of the gospel. The” least of these” are hurting, hungry, thirsty, unclothed, and homeless. The solution? Not my teen!

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feeling abandoned

Do You Feel Abandoned by God?

The first two years of widowhood, God seemed distant and silent. Then I discovered the problem.

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What Singles Want Marrieds to Know

What Singles Want Marrieds to Know

Here are some tips for engaging with and loving the singles around you well.

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9 Tips for Leading a Small-Group Study

Facilitating a small group study enhances your own embracing of the material, your relationship with God, and your heart for ministering to others.

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cultural differences

We Moved Our Family and Changed Their World

One day David and his wife, Meg, realized they wanted their family to see that the world is a more diverse place than what they were experiencing.

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Finding your way back to church

Finding Your Way Back to the Church After Sexual Abuse

How can the victim of sexual abuse trust the body of Christ again? How can we go back to any church body? Why should we even try?

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Why take your kids to church

Why Take Your Kids to Church?

Nap schedules, feedings, teething, separation anxiety, sickness, sports – when kids are young, it seems easier to stay home. Is going to church worth it?

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Searching for Significance in the World of Social Media

Nobody Liked My Tweet! Searching for Significance in the World of Social Media

People spend hours tweaking their digital persona in a search for significance. Yet is social media the best place to look?

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