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Does Prayer Really Do Any Good?

It’s easy to become cynical or weary about the act of prayer.

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Praying backwards

Praying Backwards

Too often in our prayers we ask God to ease our worries and satisfy our wants before adding “in Jesus’ name” as an obligatory spiritual seasoning.

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How to Stop Praying the Same Old Things

It doesn’t take long before rote prayers fragment your attention span and freeze your heart.

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Confession and prayer

How a Man Learns to Pray

The first step in becoming complete is to stop relying on our own resourcefulness and recognize our great need of a powerful God.

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Teaching children about God

Daddy I’m Scared

What does a storm teach a child about God?

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Give thanks

Giving Thanks in All Things

Does He really want us to give thanks in all things?

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Is Prayer Your First Response?

We must train ourselves to make prayer a default reaction in all situations.

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Praying to God

Four Principles of Praying for Your Family

When I couldn’t talk to my mother about God, I talked to God about my mother.

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Silence and solitude

In the Silence

The discipline of silence and solitude is not just for those in monasteries.

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