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Father's Day as a Single Mom

Celebrating Father’s Day as a Single Mom

Facing Father’s Day as a single mom brings difficult questions.How can I help my kids on this day? What is expected of me? Am I required to honor him too?

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Father's Day

Kids Say the Darndest Things About Dad

We asked kids what they think about their dads. Turns out, they think they’re pretty darn special.

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Pop-Pop, Henry, and My Reasons to Remember

My Pop-pop told stories. About how my Mom-mom fell in love with him. About the Marines. Later I found out there were some secrets he didn’t recite.

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When Mother's Day Hurts

When Mother’s Day Hurts

Here are 10 ways to bless a hurting mom in your life.

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graduation gifts

Affirmation: the Perfect Graduation Gift

We give words of affirmation to someone shortly before or after their death. But why wait? Learn to speak life giving affirmations today.

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Mother's Day

To My Wife on Mother’s Day

Every day is Mother’s Day in our little household. Because you do so much. But I want this day to be a reminder of my commitment to you.

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Meaningful Easter Traditions

Host a Meaningful Easter Party with Your Mom Tribe + Their Kids

I’m hosting an Easter party. You should too. Use these menu ideas and activities for a fun, easy way to share the Easter season together.

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Countdown to Easter

This guide will help you reflect on the days leading up to the Cross, Jesus’ death, His burial, and the empty tomb. One Scripture. One brief reflection. Once a day, for 12 days.

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How About Giving up ‘Contempt’ for Lent?

Togetherness is virtually impossible if one or both spouses feel disgust toward each other.

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winning at Valentine's Day

I Used to Fail at Valentine’s Day

I always seemed to fail at this holiday until a game-changer idea took me from zero to hero.

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