Dull Knives and Missed Opportunities

That’s when the crying turned ugly. The early tears were sadness. But these were regret. I was lamenting a missed opportunity.

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wife wants sex

When My Wife Wants Sex … But I’m Not Feelin’ It

On the fourth night of the honeymoon, I was like, “Babe, I’m spent. Can we just cuddle?” You ever been there? Turning down the lady’s advances?

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marriage counseling

What Marriage Counseling Is … And Isn’t

Meghan McCain’s version of marriage counseling is “drinking Jack Daniels, shooting some guns and hanging out.” Is that what you should expect?

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work/life balance

Balancing Family and Career for the Young Professional Pursuing Both

More stuff means more bills. More bills require more work.The work life balance cycle is as paralyzing as it is addictive. And it is luring every American family.

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debt in marriage

I Thought Our Debt Was His Problem

I didn’t want to work hard to hand my paycheck over to cover his debt. I wanted to spend my money my way. He is the one who went to college and accrued it!

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sex after baby

Sex After Baby: From His Side of the Bed

When and how do you get back into physical intimacy with each other after a new baby? As the husband, I have learned 3 nonnegotiables for sex after baby.  

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be a better wife

15 Ways to Be a Better Wife

I polled other women on ways to be a better wife. Because I never want to assume that I have all the right wife answers. Let’s see if our husbands agree.

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sex after baby

Sex After Baby: From Her Side of the Bed

I struggled with a lot of fear when it came to sex after baby! I avoided telling my husband that I was wrestling with a lack of desire for quite awhile.

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I don't love him anymore

I Don’t Love Him Anymore

I no longer felt anything for my husband. That thought terrified me–I don’t love him anymore. “Would I be happier with someone else?” I wondered.

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things husbands should start doing

25 Things Husbands Should Start Doing

Have you ever thought, I just don’t get her? You’re frustrated at your wife’s frustration with you. You desire to please her. But where do you start?

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