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To The Newlywed Wife … From a Decade Later

I wish I could speak to that fresh-faced, 22-year-old newlywed. She needed some of the wisdom that God has deposited in me over the last decade of marriage.

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Save Sex for the Honeymoon

Save Sex for the Honeymoon

There are benefits to abstaining from sex while engaged. Here are five reasons to say “I won’t” until you say “I do.”

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should we cancel the wedding

When to Call It Off Before the Big Day

Marriage is a big deal. It makes sense to work through the hard questions together so you’re equipped to keep the lifetime commitment you’re about to make.

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Why I Wish We Hadn't Lived Together Before Marriage

Why I Wish We Hadn’t Lived Together Before Marriage

Here are five reasons I wish my husband and I hadn’t moved in together before saying “I do.”

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What I Wish for Jeff Bezos and Tim Tebow

Despite their differing marriage scenarios, my prayer for both the Bezos and Tebows is the same: a happy ending

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Advice for the new bride

For the New Bride: 4 Things to Remember After Saying ‘I Do’

I had no idea what being a wife meant other than we’d live together forever, hopefully have some kids, and file a joint tax return.

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Not All Millennials Wait For the “Right” Age to Get Married

There’s no doubt that marrying my high school sweetheart benefited us for the better.

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Healthy Marriage Expectations

After ‘I Do,’ Now What?

Marriage is a relationship that will transform you, if you let it. Saying “I do” is only the beginning of a lifetime of laughter, frustration, forgiveness, happiness, and deep joy. It’s worth it.

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5 Things No One Told Me About Marriage

Young and Married: Five Things We Learned from a Weekend to Remember Getaway

There’s a secret that nobody likes to tell dating or engaged couples: Marriage is really hard.

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Dating, marriage, and delighting in God

6 Ways to Make Yourself ‘Marry-able’

In these days it takes an intentional effort to arrive at marriage with optimal spiritual, relational, and emotional health.

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