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work/life balance

Balancing Family and Career for the Young Professional Pursuing Both

More stuff means more bills. More bills require more work.The work life balance cycle is as paralyzing as it is addictive. And it is luring every American family.

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debt in marriage

I Thought Our Debt Was His Problem

I didn’t want to work hard to hand my paycheck over to cover his debt. I wanted to spend my money my way. He is the one who went to college and accrued it!

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sex after baby

Sex After Baby: From Her Side of the Bed

I struggled with a lot of fear when it came to sex after baby! I avoided telling my husband that I was wrestling with a lack of desire for quite awhile.

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sex after baby

Sex After Baby: From His Side of the Bed

When and how do you get back into physical intimacy with each other after a new baby? As the husband, I have learned 3 nonnegotiables for sex after baby.  

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“I want sex more than he does!” 4 Tips for the Sexually-Frustrated Woman

1 in 5 women have the higher sex drive. But when our husbands decline–or rarely initiate sex–it leaves us thinking, What’s wrong with him? Or is it me?

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Dad taking child to school

If Bill Gates Can Drop Off His Kids, So Can You

When dads share the household responsibilities, it’s a win-win for the family and a win-win for society. Bill Gates, tech guru, and wife Melinda proved it.

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husband's work

When Your Man’s Long Hours Don’t Feel Like Love

Following a Major League Baseball career, my husband’s work led to a new demanding position. So, I came home to an empty house and had dinner alone again.

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Married Single Parent

I Am a Married Single Parent

I am still legally married. But all the things that a marriage typically brings, especially in the world of parenting, do not exist in our marriage.

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Cost of parenting kids

Kids Are Worth Every Single Penny—and More

At the end of my life, I won’t be sad about what I couldn’t afford. I’ll be thankful for the rich memories and lives we’ve built with our children.

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Shopping on a budget

Soothing the Shopping Itch Without Breaking the Bank

Ideas to help you feel like you’re living in luxury without spending much money … or any at all.

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