Busyness and Stress

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work/life balance

Balancing Family and Career for the Young Professional Pursuing Both

More stuff means more bills. More bills require more work.The work life balance cycle is as paralyzing as it is addictive. And it is luring every American family.

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Dad taking child to school

If Bill Gates Can Drop Off His Kids, So Can You

When dads share the household responsibilities, it’s a win-win for the family and a win-win for society. Bill Gates, tech guru, and wife Melinda proved it.

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husband's work

When Your Man’s Long Hours Don’t Feel Like Love

Following a Major League Baseball career, my husband’s work led to a new demanding position. So, I came home to an empty house and had dinner alone again.

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Stay Connected With Your Spouse While You're raising your kids

Connecting With Your Spouse Through the Busy Parenting Years

When we became parents, our entire universe shifted. What happened to the couple we were?

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When Was the Last Time Your Marriage Had a Physical?

You might make sure to head to the doctor each year like clockwork, but when is the last time your marriage had a physical?

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Why you need to get away

Why You Need to Get Away

Spending an entire weekend learning how to communicate, grow in oneness, and love one another better was like hitting a reset to our busy lives.

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Caring for loved one

Who Does the Housework?

How can we uphold what the Bible says about marital relationships and make good decisions about housework?

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Bringing Back the Sabbath

Many of us have forgotten or never learned how to rest.

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Giving thanks for all things

How Should We View Life’s Interruptions?

Giving thanks in all circumstances helps us remember that a sovereign God orders our lives.

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It’s Time to Lighten Up!

You’ll never find the time to have fun with your spouse; you have to make time.

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