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Every Marriage Needs Community

Marriage Is Not an Island: Our Need for Community

At the Weekend to Remember marriage retreat I found a profound sense of community. It reminded me of one simple fact: We are not alone.

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Learning to Pray With My Wife

My journey of committing to praying with my wife for 30 days and the tips I learned along the way.

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Save marriage

Bill and Vonette Bright and the Early-Marriage Conflict that Changed Their Lives

Early in their marriage, Bill and Vonette Bright realized they needed an anchor for their relationship.

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Building a Spiritual Foundation for Your Marriage

Make sure you use all the resources and tools God makes available to build oneness in your relationship.

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Man who prays

There Is Nothing Sexier Than a Man Who Prays

Four things men can do when initiating prayer.

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Principles to Keep Christ at the Center of My Home

10 Principles to Keep Christ at the Center of Your Home

God has a purpose for our lives and for the homes where we spend those lives.

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What Happens When Couples Pray

Seven stories of couples who decided to make prayer a daily discipline.

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Praying Together Makes Our Joy Complete

A radio listener tells how God used the radio to get her attention.

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Twenty Ways to Pray for Your Wife

This topical list will guide you to praying for your wife in every area of her life.

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Believe the Gospel Today

Reaffirming the truth of the gospel each day is the most important thing we can do to mature in our faith and to build a stronger marriage and healthier family.

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