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Dull Knives and Missed Opportunities

That’s when the crying turned ugly. The early tears were sadness. But these were regret. I was lamenting a missed opportunity.

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things husbands should start doing

25 Things Husbands Should Start Doing

Have you ever thought, I just don’t get her? You’re frustrated at your wife’s frustration with you. You desire to please her. But where do you start?

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A Hard Act for a Husband to Follow

Here’s a new way to think about leadership in your marriage.

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Romancing my wife

Your Wife’s 3 Relationship Nonnegotiables

As you study your wife and learn how to define romance according to her dictionary, you will become an irresistible man.

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What Should Be the Husband’s ‘Role’ in Marriage?

If you apply these concepts correctly, you’ll experience freedom in your roles and work better as a team to combat isolation and conflict in your marriage.

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What the Latest Shooting Taught Me About Protecting My Wife

How a husband can best protect his wife from the evil that lurks in this world.

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3 Practical Steps to Biblical Leadership in Your Home

For the sake of our wives, we must once again assume our role as leaders who execute our God-given responsibility with humble hearts and loving service.

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Love your wife

Do You Love Your Wife Out of Obligation?

It takes courage for husbands to fulfill God’s calling to love their wives for a noble purpose.

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Love my wife

50 Ways to Inspire Your Wife

Ideas to help you make your bride feel cherished.

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10 Things a Man Needs to Know About Marriage

In a culture of counterfeits and mistruths, marriage needs to be re-branded as an awesome, noble, and challenging adventure.

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