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be a better wife

15 Ways to Be a Better Wife

I polled other women on ways to be a better wife. Because I never want to assume that I have all the right wife answers. Let’s see if our husbands agree.

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My husband

All My Husband Heard From Me Was ‘BOOOO!’

After we’d been married awhile, I realized I had gone from Dave’s biggest cheerleader to his biggest critic.

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Connecting with my spouse

4 Ways to Prioritize Your Spouse Above Your Schedule … And Your Kids

In our crazy, fast-paced lives, it’s easy to be distracted from what is most important. Here are some ideas to make more time for the person you love most.

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I’m Not a Nag, Am I?

Four suggestions on how to be nag free and make life easier for you and your family.

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4 Ways to Harness Your Power for Good in Your Husband’s Life

God has given us women the privilege and the ability to bring life to our husbands with our love.

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5 Ways to Help Your Husband Step Up to Manhood

A wife plays a pivotal role in her husband’s transition from boyhood into manhood.

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Ways to show respect to husband

11 Ways to Show Respect to Your Husband

Some wives don’t understand how important respect is to a man. Here are some ideas for how a woman can give her spouse the esteem he longs for.

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Seven Things I Wish Id Known About Men Before I Married

Growing up with my stepdad and younger brother I thought I knew a thing or two about men. While I knew not to change the channel during a football game, not to serve quiche for dinner, and not to attempt to fix a broken doorknob with a rubber band, there were a few important things […]

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It’s Not Your Husband’s Job to Make You Happy

The only way you can experience true joy is by pursuing intimacy with Christ on a daily basis.

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How to improve marriage

15 Things Wives Should Stop Doing

I asked some girlfriends, “What should a wife stop doing if she wants to improve her marriage?” This list is based on their responses.

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