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marriage counseling

What Marriage Counseling Is … And Isn’t

Meghan McCain’s version of marriage counseling is “drinking Jack Daniels, shooting some guns and hanging out.” Is that what you should expect?

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Dave and Ann Wilson

‘I Told God I’d Rather Die Than Be Married to You’

Meet Dave and Ann Wilson, the new cohosts of FamilyLife Today® who bring the authentic voice of a couple who has struggled greatly in their marriage—yet found hope and help in Christ.

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How Should We Feel About B. Smith’s Husband’s Girlfriend?

Suffering from Alzheimer’s, lifestyle guru B. Smith hardly seems to recognize the other woman now living in her home. Should we sympathize with her husband?

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avoiding adultery

Guard Your Heart From Adultery

The core issue regarding sexual temptation is the condition of our hearts.

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Forgiving Your Spouse After Adultery

Four lessons from my journey of regaining trust in my husband.

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40 Consequences of Adultery

The counterfeit pleasure of an affair can never overcome the ways infidelity can destroy a life and marriage.

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When Your Marriage Is Dying

A marriage can’t be restored if only one person wants reconciliation, but don’t give up hope. God can give you the strength and wisdom you need.

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Love and marriage

Does Your Marriage Need Help?

In a culture of self-sufficiency, seeking help may seem shameful or weak, but teachable followers of Christ know better.

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Protect yourself from an affair by watering your own marriage

Avoid the Greener Grass Syndrome

The best way to protect yourself from an affair is to water your own marriage.

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Would Their Marriage Survive Multiple Affairs?

When Gerald Varlack lost his job, he was involved with several women—at the same time.

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