husband parenting

I Couldn’t Believe My Husband Said That!

Later that night I told my husband thank you. “What you did this afternoon changed our whole day. Thanks for saying what you said and doing what you did.”

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millennial parents

5 Things Millennial Parents Are Doing Better Than Their Parents

Research shows millennials may be the most family-oriented generation in the last 50 years. Millennial parents are changing the norm to raise healthy kids.

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How I Became Okay With My Child Being Just Mediocre

I’ve been a high achiever all my life. I didn’t expect a kid with meltdowns, dismal spelling tests, embarrassing social skills. I had to get over myself.

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parenting fear

When Fear for Your Child Is Real

When you’re picking out little baby outfits, you don’t anticipate someone telling you, years later, your teenager may have lymphoma.

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Saying yes to our kids

Saying ‘Yes’ to Help Our Kids Feel Heard

As a mom, I am guilty of saying no too often simply out of laziness. Even though saying yes would delight my kids, I let my selfishness get in the way.

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The Song That Haunts My Fatherhood

As a kid, I identified with the boy in the song who wanted more of his Dad’s attention. 30 years later, I was the dad leaving my son wanting more.

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make Summer memories

3 Fail Proof Ways to Make the Most of Summer

You can be intentional with your kids over the summer. Here are 3 ways (+ a printable) to help you pull off a meaningful summer.

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teaching respect

Teaching Respect: 8 Tips for a Snark-free Summer

Requiring respect is a gift we give our kids (and ourselves!). But in a parenting age aiming to be gentler and more aware of kids’ emotions, it’s not easy.

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teenage social responsibility

Teaching Our Teenage Girls the Truth of Social Responsibility

Unlike the advice of Teen Vogue that robs teenage girls of their value, true advocacy and social responsibility should be in God-glorifying ways.

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elementary crush

‘Audrey and John Sitting in a Tree …’ Are Elementary Crushes All Innocent?

My son’s first day of first grade introduction worksheet: What do you like to do with your friends? His answer, in wonderfully legible pencil: Chase girls.

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