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husband parenting

I Couldn’t Believe My Husband Said That!

Later that night I told my husband thank you. “What you did this afternoon changed our whole day. Thanks for saying what you said and doing what you did.”

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millennial parents

5 Things Millennial Parents Are Doing Better Than Their Parents

Research shows millennials may be the most family-oriented generation in the last 50 years. Millennial parents are changing the norm to raise healthy kids.

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teaching respect

Teaching Respect: 8 Tips for a Snark-free Summer

Requiring respect is a gift we give our kids (and ourselves!). But in a parenting age aiming to be gentler and more aware of kids’ emotions, it’s not easy.

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teenage social responsibility

Teaching Our Teenage Girls the Truth of Social Responsibility

Unlike the advice of Teen Vogue that robs teenage girls of their value, true advocacy and social responsibility should be in God-glorifying ways.

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elementary crush

‘Audrey and John Sitting in a Tree …’ Are Elementary Crushes All Innocent?

My son’s first day of first grade introduction worksheet: What do you like to do with your friends? His answer, in wonderfully legible pencil: Chase girls.

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When Your 18 Summers Are Up

Right now there’s a mom whose 18 summers are up with her child.18 sounded plenty when empty sippy cups scattered the backseat. Now 18 doesn’t feel enough.

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Sleepovers—Bad Idea or No Big Deal?

Spending the night with friends seems like a normal part of growing up. But my wife and I wonder: should we let our kids go to a sleepover?

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7 Do’s and Don’ts for Parents of Graduates

For 18 years, you have parented through a maze of joys, laughter, confusion, and even bruises. Now your child is a graduate. You have big changes ahead.

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stressed teens

Are We Pushing Our Kids too Hard?

My kids need to see that their value isn’t tied to their grades or what school accepts them. I need to encourage them to follow God’s design and purpose for their lives and not insist they conform to a specific formula for success.

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5 Reasons Your Preteen Needs You

5 Reasons Your Preteen Needs You

Children this age are unique because they still invite participation and closeness with parents—an attitude that will be changing soon.

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