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The Song That Haunts My Fatherhood

As a kid, I identified with the boy in the song who wanted more of his Dad’s attention. 30 years later, I was the dad leaving my son wanting more.

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make Summer memories

3 Fail Proof Ways to Make the Most of Summer

You can be intentional with your kids over the summer. Here are 3 ways (+ a printable) to help you pull off a meaningful summer.

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choosing Christianity in college

7 Ways to Know if Your Kids Will Choose Church in College

You’ve detected trends that are leading your kids away from church in college. But, let’s be honest. Kids do what they like. Why can’t that be church?

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mom helping child to ride a bike

Don’t Let Fear Control Your Motherhood

When fear and anxiety threaten to take control of how I parent my children, I remind myself of four truths.

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Is Straight-to-College the Best Path for High School Seniors?

Changes in educational costs and in the job market should prompt teens and their parents to consider some great alternatives to college.

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raising boys

How to Train Your Boys to Be Men

I have three sons. My oldest still wets the bed. My youngest says two words. They’re just boys. How do I start this whole “man-thing”?

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body image

Teaching Our Daughters Positive Self-Talk

When my 6-year-old daughter with long, lanky legs called her thighs fat, I knew something had to change. I didn’t know body image issues would come so early.

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Dear Mom, Thanks for the Real Moments of Motherhood

Dear Mom, Thanks for the Real Moments of Motherhood

Here’s to our mothers. Thanks for letting us see you struggle, ask for help, and never give up on the ones you love.

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Single Mom Mother's Day

To The Single Mom on Mother’s Day

I see you, single mom. I know you’re out there and  you may be struggling today on Mother’s Day. You deserve this day the most.

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working mom

Viral Rant “Society to Working Moms” Totally Gets Women’s Stress

While we might relate to the laundry list of women pressures, we have to be honest about why working moms and our husbands believe them.

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