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How I Became Okay With My Child Being Just Mediocre

I’ve been a high achiever all my life. I didn’t expect a kid with meltdowns, dismal spelling tests, embarrassing social skills. I had to get over myself.

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parenting fear

When Fear for Your Child Is Real

When you’re picking out little baby outfits, you don’t anticipate someone telling you, years later, your teenager may have lymphoma.

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Having 'the Talk' With My Daughter Had a Surprising Outcome

Having ‘the Talk’ With My Daughter Had a Surprising Outcome

Our Passport2Purity® weekend didn’t go anything like I had planned, but what came out of it was even better.

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Making Your Home a Sanctuary for Your Family

You can make your home a place of peace and safety for you and your spouse and kids. Here are some ways to create the setting.

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stressful work day

How to Not Lose It on Your Kids After a Stressful Day at Work

I shudder at the times I’ve acted irritably toward my kids because I was still stressed from work. How do we come home as the loving parents we want to be?

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mom talking with child

Have You Talked to Your Kids About Sex?

The sex talk and gender conversations in your home don’t have to be big, awkward productions. But they do need to happen. The sooner the better.

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single parenting

‘Mom, I Am Their Father’

I finally realized that my children had all the father they needed; all I had to do was point them to God for their needs.

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Grieving after a tragedy

Riding the Two Rails of Grief: Faith and Suffering

After the unexpected death of our son, my wife and I learned that faith informs pain, but it doesn’t erase it.

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A Pop Star’s Surprising Perspective on Purity

While my generation will associate Michelle Williams with suggestive song titles, the next generation might
associate her with something entirely different—being a champion for the biblical model of marriage.

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Your Child is Not the Enemy

Your Child Is Not Your Enemy

Here are eight ways we can fight for, not against, our children in their hard-to-handle moments.

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