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Making Your Home a Sanctuary for Your Family

You can make your home a place of peace and safety for you and your spouse and kids. Here are some ways to create the setting.

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stressful work day

How to Not Lose It on Your Kids After a Stressful Day at Work

I shudder at the times I’ve acted irritably toward my kids because I was still stressed from work. How do we come home as the loving parents we want to be?

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Can You Balance Work and Family

When we learned that the nature of parenting is sacrifice, we went from trying to have it all to having everything that matters.

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25 Tips for Avoiding Mom Burnout

A list for those who—like me—struggle with overcommitting and overworking.

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20 Ideas for Busy Parents

Here are some tips for bringing balance to the hectic pace of life.

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Q&A: The Balancing Act

How do you relieve the pressures you feel as a family?

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Q&A: The Overbooked Family

How can we slow down this crazy pace of life?

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Teaching Your Child How to Manage Busyness

Getting a grip on schedules and activities is a gift that will never lose its value.

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Which Way Is Your Deck Chair Facing

Many Christians have not taken a strong look at what they believe in.

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Who is Watching You

Even if you don’t intend to leave a legacy, you will.

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