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Having 'the Talk' With My Daughter Had a Surprising Outcome

Having ‘the Talk’ With My Daughter Had a Surprising Outcome

Our Passport2Purity® weekend didn’t go anything like I had planned, but what came out of it was even better.

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mom talking with child

Have You Talked to Your Kids About Sex?

The sex talk and gender conversations in your home don’t have to be big, awkward productions. But they do need to happen. The sooner the better.

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A Pop Star’s Surprising Perspective on Purity

While my generation will associate Michelle Williams with suggestive song titles, the next generation might
associate her with something entirely different—being a champion for the biblical model of marriage.

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They Didn’t Know How to Have ‘The Talk’ With Their Kids

How Doug and Deb Gulbranson used Passport2Purity® to teach their children about the pressures they would face as teenagers.

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When Your Kids Ask, ‘How Far Can I Go?’

Helping your children understand God’s design for sex … and how to save themselves for marriage.

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Talking to my teen about sex

Q&A: Waiting Until Marriage

Just because you failed in the area of sexual purity doesn’t mean you can’t be committed to upholding God’s standard for your kids.

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More Than a Backpacking Weekend

My wife and I hoped that by the end of the Passport2Purity weekend our son would be seeing things about life more clearly.

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Take the Boy-Crazy Quiz

Do you trust God with your love life?

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Guarding Our Daughters’ Sexual Purity

A nervous father interviews his daughter’s date.

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It Was Time for ‘The Talk’

A Passport2Purity weekend gave me the opportunity to talk with my daughter about the issues she would face as a teenager … and we had fun, too!

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