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How I Became Okay With My Child Being Just Mediocre

I’ve been a high achiever all my life. I didn’t expect a kid with meltdowns, dismal spelling tests, embarrassing social skills. I had to get over myself.

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Was God Surprised When My Child Was Born?

How do we, as parents, dream new dreams for our children when we have no idea what the future holds?

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10 Ways to Help Parents of Children With Special Needs

“Some of the greatest needs we have are understanding and friendship.”

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A Note to Jimmy Kimmel, From a Fellow Heart Parent

Our life with Annie hasn’t been easy. But it’s been worth it.

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‘I’m Sorry … It’s Her Heart’

Our journey began when doctors told us our unborn daughter would be born with half a heart. In the last year we’ve learned to rely on God’s faithfulness.

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An Unexpected Gift: Raising a Child With a Learning Disability

As we learned more about our son, it felt like we were unwrapping a precious gift. Each testing day brought new insights into how his amazing brain worked.

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