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“I have to say this was a wake up call and a great reminder that I need to step up to become a better leader in my household. Also a great reminder that I need to step up and gain courage to defeat the giants that have been hindering my walk with God. Going through this, I definitely gained my “bearings” on what it takes to step up and become a man of God!”

From Stepping Up Participant

“In one way or another, the men attending shared the revelation that in order for them to step up and step out in courageous manhood they need Christ and His power to be their fuel—their wisdom and strength.”

From Stepping Up Leader

“FamilyLife’s Vertical Marriage small group study has changed the course of my marriage and I could not be more grateful! We looked towards each other for fulfillment in our marriage, instead of to God. I look forward to doing another FamilyLife study in the future.”

From Vertical Marriage Leader

“It’s so much fun to lead! We are starting our 3rd group next week leading this. You will love it and help your marriage go up a notch for sure!❤❤❤”

From Vertical Marriage Leader

“the Art of Parenting provides sound, biblical teaching on the most important areas of parenting. While parents of young children will be most interested in it, the study provides a solid foundation and perspective for parents of any stage. The Art of Parenting is best for groups of parents and parents-to-be. It also elevates the importance of marriage but is aware of various kinds of families including single parents and step-families.”

From The Art of Parenting Participant

“The Art of Parenting is an opportunity for parents to grow together and learn how to practically aim their child’s heart towards God. It is great for parents with kids ages 3 through high school.”

From The Art of Parenting Leader

“God has put together a great program through Family Life. My wife and I have done the AOM 15 times and it blesses our marriage as well as the other couples every time we do it. Life changing!”

From The Art of Marriage Participant

“This has been wonderful bible study and me and my husband have gotten a lot out of and really enjoyed it! We are about to be empty nesters and it just sparked that connection that you sometimes loose focus on! Highly recommend!”

From The Art of Marriage Participant

“My spouse and I were able to connect on the numerous challenges that our blended family has faced. I’m so grateful to FamilyLife for helping us to create a healthy blended family.”

From The Smart Stepfamily Participant

“This video based series is ideal for modern day couples that might be in a blended or stepfamily situation which is so prevalent in our culture and society today. The eight video sessions are around 40 minutes long each with sharing/discussion time of around 30 minutes that will provide essential biblical foundation to a healthy and lasting stepfamily. Ideal for couples that are in a blended or stepfamily setting and seeking to make their marriage last.”

From The Smart Stepfamily Leader

“Love Like You Mean It is a great video-based marriage study that focuses on applying the characteristics of Biblical love to your marriage relationships. I loved that it went through 1 Corinthians 13 so in-depth and applied each verse to real life issues. This study was so great for my husband and I and taught us what true agape love looked like lived out. This study is great for young couples that are trying to discover the true meaning of love in a marriage relationship in a small group environment.”

From Love Like You Mean It Participant

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