Strengthen Your Family Every Day of the Year

with your free 2019 digital prayer calendar

Your spouse and children are the most important relationships in your life besides your relationship with the Lord. And this is why it is critically important to keep that family bond strong each year that you spend together, and to put Jesus at the center of that bond.

To help you do this, we have put together a free digital calendar titled “A Year of Togetherness” that will help you and your family focus on building one another up spiritually as you share laughs, prayers and special moments together.

Each month, you will receive by email the calendar for that month which will help you focus on a different area of togetherness—from family mealtimes, to celebrating one another, to character development opportunities.

When you get your download of your free calendar each month, you’ll be able to print out that month’s themed calendar sheet and post it somewhere the whole family can see it and be reminded of ways to love each other better that month.

As a thank you for signing up to receive the monthly emails, you will receive a downloadable November and December wallpaper for your computer!

Sign up for your free digital calendar emails by filling out the form below and telling us where we can send this resource.