What will you do in an empty nest?

As parents, we all know about “the empty nest.” Life can become a jumble of mixed emotions when it’s time for kids to take that step into adulthood and leave home. Whatever life stage you’re in, you probably know that when it happens, the reality often doesn’t quite match our expectations. 

Since FamilyLife began over 40 years ago we’ve been putting out biblically-based resources to help strengthen marriages and families. Thousands of families turn to us, seeking answers and hope, and we’ve been privileged to help them.

Now we want to encourage you and your spouse with our brand new eBook, 5 Ways to Keep Your Heart Full Even When the Nest is Empty. It’s full of practical tips to help you let go, reconnect with your spouse, and focus on God during what is often a difficult transition. We hope that it will help you or someone you know navigate this challenging time of life change.  

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