FamilyLife Affiliate Staff Application

Affiliate Staff are highly-engaged, non-compensated individuals and couples who invest themselves to build strong, Christ-honoring marriages and families and mobilize others to do the same.

FamilyLife’s vision is huge. We want every home to be a godly home. And we want every person on the planet to have an opportunity to hear and respond to the Good News of Jesus.

FamilyLife is a “help you help others” ministry. We are looking for people who are already building godly marriages, or better yet, building movements of practical, biblical marriage ministry in local communities and churches. We are looking for people who want to have a bigger impact.

By becoming Affiliate Staff, FamilyLife can help you by giving you a mechanism for raising tax-deductible donations to fund your ministry and ministry expenses, easy access to trusted FamilyLife resources for use in your ministry, a FamilyLife email address, and being part of a network of people with similar vision, passion, and commitment.

Affiliate Staff are absolutely essential if we are going to be able to touch every marriage, every family, every church, every community, every ethnic group and every language group with the biblical message of help and hope that God offers.

Would you like to work together? To get started, simply fill out this application for Affiliate Staff. (While husbands and wives may serve together, they each need to complete their own application.)

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