Say “I Do” again – every day! – with our free daily devotionals

Those two words, “I Do,” meant so much on your wedding day … YES, I love you and am with you, no matter what. 

When you lift up your relationship and the rest of your life to God, you are saying “I Do” all over again, not just to each other, but to God as well. And when you do that each day, you won’t be able to keep spiritual growth from happening. 

In the midst of hectic schedules and commitments, it can be difficult to experience deep spiritual connection. And yet, it is refreshment from the Lord that we all desperately need.

To help guide you in these special times with your spouse each day, we have created a year-long daily devotional called “I Do Every day” and we want to give them all to you for free!

Enjoyable, interactive, and easy to use, these 365 biblical devotions provide a daily discussion point, a Scripture reference that will encourage you, and action points that will strengthen your marriage for years to come. We’ll send one to your inbox early each morning, so you can go through it at whatever time works best for you that day. 

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