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Get real experience. Grow personally. Walk with Jesus.

Don’t spend your internship getting coffee

You only have a few summers and you want them to count. So do we.

FamilyLife is an international marriage and family ministry passionate about unleashing families to reach the world for Christ.

Come with us on a holistic internship experience that develops you professionally, personally, and spiritually.

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Our dream for your time with us


  • Grow in your unique giftings through hands on experience.
  • Develop professional skills and habits easily transferable to the workplace
  • Grow in confidence working in a professional environment


  • Understand how you have been uniquely designed to be a part of God’s work no matter your profession


  • Grow intimately with Jesus
  • Learn how to winsomely share your faith in a way that invites future conversation
  • Learn how to facilitate a bible study with your peers

So you want to be a FamilyLife Intern?

What does a FamilyLife intern actually do?

The majority of your time will be spent gaining valuable experience in an area related to your interests and field of study. We have positions in areas such as: marketing, finance, IT, videography, graphic design, human resources, and others.

The end of the workday is not the end of your internship experience. While living with a FamilyLife host family and other interns you participate in weekly bible studies and 1-1 mentorship. The weekends are full of fun-filled activities: Think lake trips, movie nights, and maybe even a trip to the Rocky Mountains.

This is truly an experience.

Wait. Whoa. You have to raise money for the internship?

Don’t freak out.

As a non-profit ministry we do not provide the funds to cover the costs associated with your housing, board, and programing. The funds raised ensure you have no expenses during your time with us.

This is a faith building experience and we are here to walk with you.

How long is a summer mission?
Summer missions run 8 to 12 weeks.

Are there any academic requirements for participating in a summer mission?
No. All college students are encouraged to participate.

How much will it cost?
The cost of the FamilyLife Headquarters Summer Mission is dependent upon length of stay. Average cost is approximately $2,500. This cost covers housing and program costs. Additional support can be raised to cover meals, travel, conference attendance and income (if needed).

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Will I receive any training on how to raise support?
Yes. After you apply and are accepted, you will be trained how to raise your financial support.

So what does a summer mission intern do?
There are many and varied summer mission assignments. You will serve in a department at the FamilyLife headquarters that is the best fit for you and the ministry—based on your career interest or major. You will also be equipped through personal discipleship and participate in evangelistic outreaches.

What are the deadlines – when will I hear if I am accepted?
In order for your application to be considered complete you need to have 1) submitted your application, 2) paid the $25 application fee and 3) all of your references have submitted their online forms. Once applications are completed, they are sent to your specific Summer Missions Team Leader for review. Application deadlines are as follows: Early Decision Application Deadline is December 1st. The next Application Deadline is January 15th. Open Slots Application Deadline is February 28th. You can expect to hear back from within a few days to two weeks.

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How long is an internship?
Internships run 9-12 months from the time that support-raising is complete. The standard process is acceptance notification by April, support-raising until August 1, and on assignment from August through May or August of the following year. The specific length of the internship will be determined at the time of placement.

Are there any academic requirements for doing an internship?
Applicants must have a minimum educational background of a high school diploma, at least one year of college, and be at least 18 years of age. A college degree is not required.

How much support will I need to raise?
At Cru, we call support raising Ministry Partner Development (MPD). The salary of a U.S. intern after taxes is approximately $1,200 per month. This includes approximately $500 for housing/rent costs. In addition, the intern must raise support for Social Security and federal taxes, health insurance, ministry expenses, and overhead. So the total is approximately $2,500/month. This will be more if conferences, summer projects, or any other predetermined costs are added.

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Will I receive any training on how to raise support?
Yes. After you apply and are accepted, you will be expected to attend a weekend training called a Kickoff Weekend, usually sometime during the month of April.

What if I don’t raise all of my support?
If it is time to report to your assignment, but you are not at full support, one of two things can happen. Each situation will be evaluated on an individual basis. Through prayer and processing together the Intern Coordinator and you will discuss whether or not we still think this is what the Lord is leading you to do. If you are very close to finishing, a short amount of additional time (a few weeks) might be allotted for you to complete your Ministry Partner Development. The (very few) people who do not see their support come in are still thankful for taking this step of faith and can see God’s hand in it. He teaches us much about dependence on him.

Will I have any help or encouragement during the MPD (Ministry Partner Development) time?
Yes. During your MPD time you will be assigned a coach who will help you through the process. While this person cannot go on appointments, dial the phone, or write letters for you, he or she will give you weekly instruction and encouragement along the way. He or she will help keep you on track toward your goal of being fully funded for your internship.

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What if I have student loans or other debt?
Being in debt does not automatically disqualify you from serving as an intern. Our heart is to ensure that a person who takes part in the internship program would not have a monthly debt payment that would prove to be a hardship based on their salary. We also want you to be in a financial position to join staff in one to two years as the Lord may lead you to serve with us long term. In addition, we want you to consider the potential personal costs associated with high debt, which includes greater stress and anxiety and a decreased ability to take advantage of opportunities, save for unexpected events, and give generously.

Part of the application process is to gather more information (individual loan amounts, monthly payments, etc.) to help provide you with a clear picture as you think through your options. Each person’s situation is different and will be considered as a part of the application process. It is our desire to help you look at the near as well as distant future in order to help be the best steward of your life lived for Christ.

So what does an intern do?
There are many and varied intern assignments, so the answer is not simple. You will serve in your role-specific area of ministry approximately 3.5 days each week, be equipped through personal discipleship about a half day each week, and participate in evangelistic outreaches through local partnerships one day per week.

What kind of personal development can I expect?
You will receive direct, role-specific training from your immediate supervisor and also participate as part of a greater collaborative team in your area of ministry. You will also meet weekly with a mentor to help you grow personally and professionally. In addition, you will participate in intentional discipleship opportunities and gain greater exposure to the ministry of Cru.

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How long does the application process take?
You can apply online year round. Once the application materials are complete and all references are received, the turnaround time is four to six weeks until you receive a decision. The earlier you complete your application the better.

What if my application is late?
The deadline for submitting completed applications for:

  • Late summer start date: March 1
  • Early spring start date: November 1

An application is finalized when you have completed and electronically submitted your application and we have received all of your references. It is your responsibility to see that all these get to us on time. We may choose, at our discretion, to accept some applications after the deadline—based on team needs, evaluators available, estimated processing time, etc., but we will not guarantee the processing of any application submitted after the deadlines. The processing times for late applications may also be longer.

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