Bring Help and Hope to Families

Can one family really make a difference? As a FamilyLife Legacy Partner, the answer is YES!

FamilyLife depends on people just like you, who know God’s Word is full of timeless, practical advice for marriage and families. And because of our Legacy Partners, even more people are hearing about God’s blueprints for healthy families! FamilyLife’s radio programs, events, and resources are all fueled by the generosity of our DEDICATED, SACRIFICIAL FRIENDS. Each year, our Legacy Partners fuel a gospel connection to millions of lives, providing help for today and hope for tomorrow to marriages and families.

WHEN YOU BECOME A LEGACY PARTNER, you will receive these exclusive benefits:

  • Free Weekend to Remember® registration to the location of your choice to use for you and your spouse, or as a gift to a couple who could use a weekend getaway.
  • “FamilyLife Line” quarterly newsletter with personal stories of your impact as a Legacy Partner.
  • “Insider” ministry updates and exclusive events designed to deeply connect you with all God is doing through your partnership.

As a Legacy Partner, you equip marriages, parents, and families to impact our culture for Christ for generation after generation.

The family is the foundation upon which our society is built. But our culture undercuts that foundation more and more every day. Couples do not have the blueprints to build a marriage that models oneness. Parents do not know how to find success amidst the myriad of daily pressures. Children are growing up without true identity and hope.

We believe families are worth fighting for, and we sense the Spirit of God moving like never before to make “every home a godly home.” Our team is working diligently to refresh, relaunch and expand our audio programs, events and resources to engage younger, more diverse, and spiritually curious audiences with the solid, biblical principles that have guided us for more than 40 years.

But we’re not the only ones God will be using. He’ll be using people like you to impact even more marriages and families in the days ahead. We depend on the support of our partners to fuel the work we do, and we pray you’ll join us as Legacy Partners. We’re excited to see how couples, parents and children will be strengthened by God’s truth because of your commitment.

Generation after Generation,

David & Meg Robbins
President, CEO of FamilyLife

If you would like to join our tribe of Legacy Partners and make a difference to families all across the world, please click here.