Reference Helps

By Jen Powell

I love to pray over my sleeping children at night.  With the busy day behind us and the scent of Johnson and Johnson shampoo in the air, it’s a time of recalling the triumphs and trials of the day and embracing the promise of a new day.

It is a precious time for me in the stillness of the night talking with God.  I cry out to Him asking for wisdom and guidance as we raise these kids for His glory.  I work through the “tug of war” emotions of being a mom: Protect them, but allow them to experience enough to need You, Lord.  Bless them, but not so much that they stray from You, Lord.  In a full circle of emotions, God draws me to the foot of His cross.  Once again, I lay them down as Abraham did with Isaac of the Old Testament: Lord, they belong to You.  I trust You with their lives and their futures.  God reminds me of my own life and my own walk.  It hasn’t been without suffering.  In fact, my most intimate times with Jesus have been in times of tremendous pain and loss.

Recently, we moved to an area of the country with tornados and it wasn’t long before we experienced our first one.  Our children were attending an evening at church and my husband and I headed out for a date night.  All plans were abruptly interrupted by tornado sirens.  Rushing back to the church we found all the kids evacuated and hunkered down with their heads between their knees.  My heart raced!  An hour would go by before the leaders were able to determine the storm had cleared our area without further threat and bring the children back to classrooms.  I headed straight for my daughter’s group.  She greeted us with a huge smile as she began to share her experience.  She said was scared initially, but it got her thinking about what would happen if she died that night.  She knew she would go to heaven.  She expressed she felt happy and peaceful inside—she knew she belonged to Jesus.  My heart soared!

In the stillness of that night, with tears streamed down my face, I thanked God for the events of that evening.  I praised Him for allowing this experience and for so lovingly and faithfully drawing our daughter to Himself.  She is safe and secure in His care, wherever that takes her.

The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, My God, my rock, in whom I take refuge; My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.  Psalm 18:2