be a better wife
  • Have you taken time lately to share your true feelings with your spouse?
  • Is there an area of bitterness from the past you’ve been harboring which is causing the isolation?  Would you consider voicing that and giving your spouse another opportunity to seek forgiveness?
  • Are you waiting for your spouse to move toward you or are you willing to move toward him/her?
  • Would you say your marriage is one of openness and honesty, or are there things that are hidden and kept secret?  Can you elaborate?
  • Can you surrender to God’s plan even if it means you will need to take responsibility and confess first?
  • Is your marriage full of speech that is honoring, or is there much criticism?  Could you describe what that looks/feels like?
  • Are you connected to any other couples who can hold you accountable for marital growth?
  • What is one step you can take in the right direction and how can I help you do that?