• Are there areas of your life where you may be making small compromises that could eventually lead to serious sin?  Are you open to someone holding you
    accountable in those areas?
  • Spend some time comparing your private life with your public life.  Do they match up?
  • How can you be intentional about accountability in your life? Take the risk to start somewhere!
  • Be open and honest before God, asking Him to bring a caring friend or two into your life who can speak truth in love.  Or thank Him for the good friends you have who are willing to do that.
  • If married, seek to build a relationship with at least one other couple who can get to know you well and care about your marriage.
  • Develop a few same‐sex friendships to build you up, encourage you and challenge you.
  • Regularly attend a local church and get involved in a small group for accountability and spiritual growth.
  • How has your life changed since you began investing in your spiritual growth by seeking accountability?  Or how would it if you did?
  • Do not overestimate your own ability to overcome temptation. God may give you a way out through a friend’s help. (1 Corinthians 10:13)
  • Find a wise mentor with whom you can be open and honest, seeking their input.
  • Consider starting or joining a HomeBuilders small group study.
  • Pray with your spouse every day—this makes you both mutually accountable
    before God.
  • Men, you can connect with other men in a Men’s Fraternity group for accountability and growth.