Contributed by Peggy

Every parent and grandparent knows the importance of a band-aid and a kiss to a child in pain and how it always makes everything better.  For a scrape on the arm, a skinned knee or a bruise, it is like a miracle drug.

Four years ago I lost both of my parents.  On March 12th my father died of heart failure. Then on October 12th my mother lost her battle with cancer.  Realizing that I would have to depend on the memories I had with my parents and would not be experiencing new ones was an adjustment.  The funeral service for both of my parents was officiated by my son and one of my nephews.  They did a wonderful job reminding us of the great legacy we had been given by the lives my parents had lived.  The responsibility to carry on that legacy was now in my future.

As I sat quietly remembering all those special moments in my life with my family, tears trickled down my cheek.  At that very moment I felt a gentle touch on my shoulder and a note slid into my lap.  Then I noticed the precious first-grade writing on the torn paper and began to read, “Dear Mimi, I am sorry you are so sad.  I love you.” It was signed by my granddaughter: “Love, Grace.”

At that moment I knew the feeling every child has when someone lovingly places a band-aid on a hurt and gives a kiss to ease the pain.  It really does make everything better.  It’s amazing that grandchildren can give such treasured “band-aids for the heart.”

I’ll always remember this one.