• How is your family different from your spouse’s?
  • How often do you argue about your in‐laws? What are the main points of contention?
  • When you and your spouse attempt to resolve conflicts around your in‐laws, are you ever able to reach a point where you have a workable solution you can both live with?
  • How have you and your spouse handled expectations surrounding parents and holidays, visiting, grandchildren, etc.?
  • How have discussions with your parents gone with regard to their level of involvement in your marriage?
  • The Bible says a man will “leave father and mother” to join with his wife and become one. What are some of the practical ways you have left your father and mother?  What are some things you could do that would help to promote more oneness as a couple?
  • What are some ways each of your parents have given you the freedom to establish your own identity as a couple?  In what areas would you still like adjustments to be made?
  • How could you facilitate a loving, respectful conversation about this with your