By Branden DesCarpentrie

One mom raised me, one my eyes have never seen, and one God used to rescue me…three lives of three mothers gently molded into mine by the Master sculptor—shaping me to look a little more like His Son.  This blog is dedicated to my mom Jane, the birth-mom of my youngest son, and my beautiful wife Julie.  And really to all the moms who unknowingly are changing the world.  I am indebted to you all more than I can ever repay.


My childhood was filled with trips to the pool, Sunday school, Sesame Street birthday cakes, scaling shade trees, and the safety of your secure, loving arms.  You’ve always been my encourager so I knew you loved me.  When I was painfully shy you guided.  You forgave me when I humiliated you.  The time my pain was too much to bear, you were the one I talked to for the strength to get out of bed.

During hard times, you never gave up on your marriage to dad.  You offered support for dreams that took me farther from you.  You were always ridiculously positive…wish I was a little more like that.  Your effort, prayers, and tears were not wasted, so now let me encourage you: Job well done mom!  I love you.

To Kilyan’s birth-mom,

I don’t know your name or where you live, but I bet you think about your little boy every day.  You likely wonder where he lives, if he has a family, and what his life is like.  I want you to know that my wife and I love him with all our hearts.  It has been over six years since you last saw him.  He is now a healthy, vibrant part of our family of five and adds to our family with a huge smile and generous attitude.

While I do not know the circumstances, I know it must have been very painful to give him up.  You should know our little boy prays to meet you some day.  He prays for someone to tell you about Jesus and that you would believe and go to heaven.  What a reunion that would be!  Thanks for the opportunity to call him my son.


Do you know that there has not been one day I regretted marrying you?  Three kids and 13 years have only increased my gratitude for you.  Let me tell you why.  I was an awful communicator and I know there have been times I cut you deeply with my words.  It would have ruined most marriages.  Instead of giving up or finding someone else, you chose to pray for me and pray for the strength to return love and grace.  You chose to work on your responses and allow God to work on me.  Thanks for trusting someone much bigger than us to change me.  The way you lived shined brightly on the darkness of my own anger and words.  It saved our marriage and my relationship with my kids.  You have my respect and my lifelong love.