• Encourage your mentee to be adaptable and flexible—remarriage requires many adjustments from everyone
  • Encourage your mentee that they are not alone in struggles as most remarried couples go through difficult adjustments
  • Encourage your mentee to exercise empathy, the ability to be sensitive to the needs, hurts, and desires of others, to feel with them, and to experience the world from their perspective
  • Encourage them to work through problems remembering that their spouse is not their enemy
  • Encourage your mentee to develop the ability to give and receive real, authentic, biblical love (1 Corinthians 13:4‐7)
  • Encourage your mentee to develop emotional stability and self-control over the full range of their emotions
  • Encourage your mentee to invest in improving their communication skills, taking the risk to express honestly, making the commitment to listen, and taking the bold steps to act
  • Encourage your mentee to look for the similarities in their relationship rather than focusing on their differences—a starting point to building future compatibility
  • Encourage your mentee to understand similarities and differences of family background in particular and how this can develop understanding and balance together in the current marriage
  • Encourage your mentee to become active in a local, bible‐believing church for support and accountability
  • Encourage them with scriptures of help and hope
  • Encourage them to consider attending a FamilyLife Weekend to Remember marriage getaway
  • Encourage the mentee to be aware of Smart Stepfamilies ministry
  • Name one thing that you most enjoyed about your relationship today and one thing you were dissatisfied with in your relationship today.  Discuss these with
    your spouse and determine if either of these represents patterns you see
    repeated often.