"I'm bored!"

“I’m bored.” If your kids haven’t said that yet this summer, it’s coming. Here’s help for you with our No Bummer Summer Cards.

Full of creative ideas for your kids, these cards encourage outdoor play, growing community, acts of service, and even strengthen some long-distance relationships.

What are you waiting for? Your kids are bored. (And you’re tired or hearing about it!)

Download the free printable cards. Print on any kind of paper. Have your kids cut the pages into individual cards. And put them in a mason jar on your breakfast table.

Choose an activity at least twice a week. With plenty of options, you won’t need to repeat. Draw randomly if you’re feeling adventurous. Or make an informed choice if you like planning ahead.

The cards are ideal for kids ages 5-12. But you might need to help them get started, depending on the activity. Hopefully, once they get into it, they can do it all on their own. Unless you’re hooked, too.

We wish you a No Bummer Summer full of great memories together. 

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