Our Mission

FamilyLife’s Mission Statement

Our Mission

Why We Exist

FamilyLife’s mission: to effectively develop godly marriages and families who change the world one home at a time.

To effectively develop …

Real families are busy. So FamilyLife creates resources and events that deal directly with your home’s spiritual power source and the complex inner workings of your family. We fill your tank with God’s Word as it relates to issues you face every day.

godly marriages and families …

At FamilyLife, we believe families and marriages with God at their core are those where the rest of life falls into place. We’re not talking a pain-free place or a perfect place. We’re just talking homes directed and electrified by the One who made them; homes taking their cues from the Top.

who change the world …

A solid home changes its corner of the world. It alters you, your kids, your kids’ kids—even your friends, neighbors, co-workers. Like an aircraft carrier, a healthy home launches its members into mission. So our events, resources, and radio programs aim to equip, energize, and tune your life, helping you reach out to those around you.

one home at a time.

We realize your family and the issues you grapple with every day are as unique as a fingerprint. But your individual home matters intensely.

We believe changing the world starts one home at a time. Lean on us, laugh with us, learn from us, grow closer to God with us.

FamilyLife exists to fortify one-of-a-kind marriages and families like yours.