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with Courtney Reissig
Courtney Reissig says the book of Psalms contains a full range of emotions, which can help you process and pray your way to a deeper faith in God....
January 4, 2020
FamilyLife This Week®
with Voddie Baucham
People talk a lot about peace during the Christmas season. But what is peace, and where does it come from? Voddie Baucham talks about true peace found in Christ....
December 21, 2019
FamilyLife This Week®
with Ben Stuart
Ben Stuart gives some guidelines for parents to consider as they prepare their kids for the dating years....
May 4, 2019
FamilyLife This Week®
with Josh McDowell, Paul Miller, Philip
This Easter and Lent weekend, grasp the breadth and depth of Jesus' love for us with guests Philip Ryken, Paul Miller, and Josh McDowell....
April 20, 2019
FamilyLife This Week®
with Catherine Parks
It's harder to maintain friendships once we're out of school and in the "real world." Catherine Parks shares some tips for how to find, make, and keep quality friendships....
April 13, 2019
FamilyLife This Week®
with Bob Lepine
Michelle Hill interacts with a number of kids about the story of Holy Week and Easter. Bob Lepine defines the gospel in a way that is easy to share with neighbors....
April 6, 2019
FamilyLife This Week®
with Elisabeth Elliot Gren, Leslie Leyl
Leslie Leyland Fields, Elisabeth Elliot Gren, Mary Mohler, and Donovan Campbell share their stories about choosing to do the hard things God called them to do....
March 30, 2019
FamilyLife This Week®
with Gary Thomas, Laura Story, Voddie B
Marriage was intended to be a lifetime covenant. Be inspired and encouraged in your marriage commitment from guests Gary Thomas, Laura Story, and Voddie Baucham....
March 23, 2019
FamilyLife This Week®
with Kristin Exton, Michael Jr., Tim Ha
Laughter is good medicine, healing to the soul. Our guests, Michael Jr., Tim Hawkins, and Kristin Exton, explain how laughter is therapeutic, even on a spiritual level....
March 16, 2019
FamilyLife This Week®
with Matt Perman
Whether you're single or married, you likely subscribe to some popular myths about singleness. Matt Perman tackles these myths and mixed messages with practical suggestions....
March 9, 2019
FamilyLife This Week®
with Christopher Yuan
There are many erroneous ideas about singleness floating around amidst both religious and secular cultures. Christopher Yuan tackles these ideas head-on with truth straight from the Bible....
March 2, 2019
FamilyLife This Week®
with Bob Lepine, Michelle Hill, Phil Wa
If a child has strayed from the faith of his parents, it's tempting for parents to question what they did wrong. Phil Waldrep, Bob Lepine, and Michelle Hill offer hope for families of prodigals....
August 25, 2018
FamilyLife This Week®
with Kimberly Wagner, Ron and Jan Welch
If you are a controlling husband or a controlling wife, Scott and Sherry Jennings, Kimberly Wagner, and Ron Welch will help you identify the problem, and help you figure out a way to live differently....
July 8, 2017
FamilyLife This Week®
with Susan Hunt
What makes a great hostess? Authors Terri Willits and Susan Hunt join time-management expert Cindi Ferrini to talk about the true meaning and benefits of Christ-centered hospitality. ...
April 11, 2015
FamilyLife This Week®