Series: Passport2Identity™

Passport2identity 4

Relational Identity

John Majors and Michelle Hill help parents discuss friendships, mentors, and opposite sex relationships with their teens through FamilyLife’s new resource, Passport2Indentity™.

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Passport2identity 3
Spiritual Development

Spiritual Identity

John Majors and Michelle Hill coach parents on helping their teens embrace the Christian faith as their own.

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Passport2identity 2

Masculinity and Femininity

What defines real femininity and real masculinity? Michelle Hill and John Majors help parents explain to their teens what manhood and womanhood are really all about.

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Passport2identity 1
Character Development


Michelle Hill and John Majors discuss a teen’s longing for independence and how parents want this too, but that tensions often arise as they guide a son or daughter to successfully stand on their own.

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