An exclusive experience

with truly extraordinary people. Like you.

March 14- 17, 2019

at the Terranea Resort, in Palos Verdes, California

This will be a very special, intimate weekend with friends—a FamilyLife Getaway unlike any we’ve ever had. You’ll be encouraged and energized about how your partnership will ignite powerful changes for Christ, spreading God’s Word on marriage and changing lives around the world.

You’ll leave renewed and excited about where God is leading your marriage, your family, and FamilyLife. And you’ll leave with some lifetime memories.

A personal invitation from David Robbins

You'll Experience...

In the course of this special weekend, we hope that God will draw you closer together as a couple. You’ll enjoy the teachings we have planned for you – a chance to dig deeply into God’s Word and enrich your marriage.


You’ll meet other couples like yourselves, who share your passion for marriage and the gospel. You’ll build and deepen friendships as you encourage and minister to one another.

You will get to know FamilyLife leadership

Take advantage of this weekend to really get to know FamilyLife’s new president, David Robbins, and his wife, Meg.

You will hear them share their hearts and their vision for FamilyLife. You’ll also have the opportunity to talk on a personal level with them and other FamilyLife leadership.


The FamilyLife Getaway begins with registration from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 14, and ends with brunch on Sunday, March 17. Here are a few things you can expect during the weekend:

THURSDAY Evening:Welcome Dinner and Opening Session
FRIDAYMorning:Teaching from God’s Word / FamilyLife’s Vision
 Afternoon:Free Time
 Evening:Dinner and Evening Session
SATURDAY Morning:Teaching from God’s Word / FamilyLife’s Vision
 Afternoon:Free Time
 Evening:Dinner and Evening Session
SUNDAYMorning:Closing Session and an Unforgettable Brunch

We look forward to seeing you!