Conflict resolution is no easy task—especially when the person you’re fighting with is also your spouse. Ever find yourself in the middle of what feels like round three of a verbal match with your love and zero clue how you got there?

We feel your pain. Literally. Fighting with our spouses hurts.

But how do we fight fair so we’re fighting for and not against our marriage?

In our FREE e-book, Fighting Fair, we share:

  • What to do when you keep having the same fight … again and again.
  • Six ways to respond to your next argument.
  • What to say and not to say in those tense marital moments.
  • Finding the path to harmony in a blended family.
  • A seven-day challenge for healthier conflict in your marriage.
  • So much more.

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We know you’re ready to step in the ring to fight fair. So get your FREE copy now!