The Thriving Blended Family

Stepfamilies aren’t just “families.” They have their own unique triumphs and joys, as well as challenges and needs. They are a unique type of family, with the redemptive power to break the generational cycle of divorce.

Since FamilyLife began over 40 years ago we’ve been putting out biblically-based resources to help strengthen marriages and families. Thousands of parents in blended families turn to us with tough situations that they’re experiencing, and we’ve been privileged to help them.

Now we want to encourage you with our new eBook, The Thriving Blended Family.  We hope it that will help you strengthen your family relationships.

Some topics you’ll read about include:

  • Six principles for a thriving blended family
  • Grief in the blended family
  • Parenting with your ex
  • Learning how to love your stepchildren

And much more!

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  • List the values that you would like to pass on to your children. These could include character values, as well as spiritual, relational, and moral. You should also consider values that will affect your child’s life within the family, the civic community, the workplace, and the culture at large.
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