Your Invitation Matters

If a Weekend to Remember helped strengthen or even save your marriage, you can pay it forward by inviting other couples to attend at a discounted rate. Plus, you can earn free registrations. Take advantage of our Group Plan to help other couples achieve stronger, healthier marriages!

Did you know?

30-60% of couples experience marital issues at some point in their marriage.
On average a person knows 3 couples currently experiencing trouble in their marriage or family

Did you ALSO know?


of couples who attend a Weekend to Remember were invited by a friend


of Weekend to Remember recommend the getaway to others


Weekend to Remember guests recommit their marriage and families to the Lord every YEAR!
Your invitation may be what the Lord uses to change a life, a marriage, or a family for eternity
What is…

A Group Plan?

The Weekend to Remember Group Plan is simply a loyalty program. When you become a group coordinator, you gain access to a discounted Weekend to Remember registration price that is available to anyone you invite. Couples who register with your group name receive the maximum discount offered at the time or $100 off per couple, whichever is greater. And for every 5 couples who attend under your group name, you receive a FREE couple’s registration. You can then use the free registrations you earn as gifts, to share with friends, or for you and your spouse.
As a group coordinator you do NOT attend an event as a group or coordinate registration or travel. Your only responsibility is to invite other couples to attend an event of their choosing. Seriously! And any couple you invite, no matter where they live or what event they register for, receives the special Group Plan rate. In fact, you don’t even have to attend (although we hope you will).

Getting Started as a Group Coordinator

Simple and Easy Setup

Step 1:

Create Your Group Account

Step 2:

Invite Others to Register Using
Your Group Name

Promoting Your Group Name

To help you invite other couples to attend, we provide promotional materials to download or purchase. Some of the downloadable files can be customized with your group name. Simply download the files, enter your group name, save, and print.

You can find promotional tools:

Promoting at Church

Your church is an effective place to promote the Weekend to Remember, but first meet with your pastor or another staff member and gain approval to promote there. Depending on their input, you might:

Host an information table in a visible location, preferably near an entrance or exit, play a promotional video, and distribute brochures.
Put up posters in well-traveled areas.
Distribute bulletin inserts in Sunday school, worship service, and small groups.
Play a promotional video in the worship service or another location.
Personally invite members of your Sunday school class or small group.

Promoting at Work and Among Your Neightbors/Friends

With permission, put up posters where you work and make brochures available to coworkers.
Personally invite neighbors, friends, parents of your children’s friends, and family members.
Invite your social media followers. Download our ready-to-use posts.
Don’t limit efforts to your local area. Remember, your group name can be used to attend any event, anywhere.
Follow the Weekend to Remember Group Coordinator Facebook Group and exchange ideas with other group coordinators. In the weeks leading up to an event in your area, we’ll send you a series of emails with reminders, tips, and ideas as well.

Contact one of our Weekend to Remember group specialists:

Keeping Up with Your Free Registrations

With your group information is always at your fingertips. You will want to log in periodically to track registrations made under your group name, see the number of free registrations you have earned, and see how many you have used. You’ll find it to be a great resource!

You can access from any computer or mobile device.

Your Group Coordinator commitment lasts 12 months and can be renewed, and we’ll even remind you in advance to renew.

Need Assistance?

Contact one of our Weekend to Remember group specialists:


Monday – Friday


8am – 5pm CST

Last name begins with:

A – M

Pepe Castro

1-800-404-5052 ext. 3461

Last name begins with:

N – Z

Dylan Summerville

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