Just Because You’ve Been to One Weekend to Remember®, Doesn’t Mean There’s Nothing Left to Learn…

Have you ever noticed how friendships seem to come and go with seasons in your life? People grow in different directions, become strangers, and eventually disappear completely from each other’s radars.

6Sadly, the same thing can happen in a marriage if you don’t consciously tune in to the evolving needs and desires of your spouse. If you aren’t making it a priority to check in on a regular basis to ask, “How are we doing? Are we still on the same page?” your relationship is at risk of becoming, at the very least, stale; at worst, a cold, dead thing.

Your participation in that first Weekend to Remember® getaway was our confirmation that you have embraced our message that great marriages don’t just happen. You were willing to invest at least a weekend to focus on having the marriage God intended when He brought the two of you together. You came away from the weekend with fresh insights and a boatload of strategies to deal with conflict and improve communication. Last year, 95% of attendees told us they would come back and do it again. Only 16% followed through with their commitment.

But too many of you have not. As often happens after mountain-top experiences, people return to the rat race of kids, jobs, and over-scheduled lives—and forget the promise they made to be intentional about tending to their marriages.

It’s way too easy to slip back into the trap of taking each other for granted.

That’s why we want to encourage you to sign up now for your next Weekend to Remember getaway. Think there’s nothing new to learn? Think again. Every one of these marriage retreats are different, with an ever-expanding agenda of cutting-edge speakers, trending marriage topics—and new things to learn about each other. Remember: Marriage is an organic, evolving union. Just as we grow and change as individuals, our marriages also go through stages. Keep participating in Weekends to Remember so you can remain true “SMF’s”—Soul Mates Forever.

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