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Balancing the demands of work and home should be important to every employer, human resource representative and their employees. That’s why this new benefit from FamilyLife should be considered to help boost morale and improve satisfaction for employees.

You can make a difference in the lives of your employees while boosting productivity in the workplace.

Offering the Weekend to Remember could have a major impact on an employee’s level of satisfaction with their home life and their employer. Studies have shown that dual-income couples who are happily married have a greater sense of loyalty to their employers.

Investing the money into sponsoring an employee to attend the Weekend to Remember conference could be the most important thing you ever do. Companies who invest in the physical and relational wellness of their workers earn a return on investment from $1.50 to $6.85 for every dollar spent. Your initial investment into the health of your employees and their marriages can lead to a more productive environment at work as well.

A business owner has 8,212 times the influence in the lives of those that don’t know Christ in their business than any pastor in their lives.


The Weekend to Remember marriage getaway is designed to help strengthen the marriage relationship, no matter what the starting point may be. Your employees will receive practical tools and biblical principles to apply to their relationship at home. This time away can be a valuable way to focus on their marriage instead of the daily grind of business as usual. Guests who attend this marriage retreat learn valuable skills like how to face and resolve conflict head-on, allowing them to improve and, in some cases, save their marriages.

Drawing from the experience of leading experts and trained speakers, your employees can spend some much-needed time away to invest in their most important personal relationship. They gain a much stronger home life, allowing them to come to work feeling refreshed and ready to be productive once again.

How It Works

Are you ready to get started making a major impact on the marriage of your employees?

Sponsoring a couple for the Weekend to Remember marriage getaway can be accomplished in just four simple steps!
  1. Determine who you want to invite. Will you sponsor a handful of senior management executives or leave the invitation open to your entire staff? The first step to sponsoring your employees for the Weekend to Remember getaway is to decide who and how you will invite them to the event.
  2. Set up an account. Once you know who you want to invite, it’s time to reach out to a FamilyLife Corporate Sponsor Advisor by phone or email. We have three Corporate Sponsor Advisors ready and waiting to help you: Glen Fagerstrom, Carol Moore, and Joanie Stineman.
  3. Share the information. Get ready to share all of the important details with your staff. Post flyers advertising the opportunity to attend the conference, place a banner on the staff portal, or promote it on your social media accounts. Alternatively, you might choose to extend a customized invitation your employees to the Weekend to Remember for a more personal touch.
  4. Choose your other options. Do you want to do something extra for your employees? Employers can also opt to reimburse travel costs for airfare, book a two-night hotel stay, or hand out vouchers and gift cards for food and beverage during the weekend.

The health of your employee’s marriages can have a major impact on your bottom line as a business.

An employee who is satisfied with their marriage is likely to be more loyal to your company and more productive during their working hours. Gain an excellent return on investment and make an eternal impact on your employees’ lives with the Weekend to Remember marriage getaway!


  • How many employees or staff must a Company/Organization have to qualify as a Corporate Sponsor? FamilyLife welcomes any size of company or organization with employees or staff.
  • What are the advantages of being a Corporate Sponsor?
    • Receive reduced registration rates year round: Spouse attends free.
    • Promotional assistance.
    • Added resources to assist your outreach, such as articles, videos, testimonials, etc.
    • A Corporate Sponsor Advisor to call or email directly.
  • Do you work with Companies/Organizations on limited budgets, but want to begin making a difference in the lives of their employees/staff? Yes, we can help you devise a plan to meet your budget and still provide the added resources mentioned in Question #2 above.
  • How do we register our employees/staff? After purchasing a registration, you as the company contact or the employee may register online.
  • Who do we talk to with specific questions? FamilyLife has a group of Corporate Sponsor Advisors. They look forward to helping you make a difference in your employee/staff lives. Contact us!

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