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✓ Attend Weekend to Remember for FREE. [Search Locations]

✓ Invite your Ministry Partners. [They save $250!]

There’s Still time!

Watch what Cru Staff member Andrea Beasley had to say about how the Weekend to Remember impacted her marriage:

At FamilyLife, we don’t just use our ministry to reach out to others, but as a tool to build up our own marriages as well.

Between ministry, kids, and other responsibilities, it’s difficult to find time to spend one-on-one time with your spouse to work on your marriage. To help, we are waiving the registration fee for CRU staff to attend a Weekend to Remember getaway. (Unfortunately, the hotels don’t waive their fees so you will need to pay for lodging and meals.)

Here is what one Cru staff couple said about their experience at the Weekend to Remember conference:

Husband: “The speakers were very dynamic and engaging. They have obviously put a great deal of time into honing their talks. I found myself appreciating [my wife] more having been through WTR. Also, I was reminded of how important time and attention are to our spouse and our kids.”

Wife: “I expected a few takeaways from the weekend, but I had no idea that I’d walk away from every session with practical steps on how to improve and prioritize our marriage. The sessions were so practical and engaging. I think being in that environment helped me to really value and appreciate [my husband] for who he is and all he does for our family.”

In the same way we challenge others to be a part of important spiritual opportunities, we are challenging married and engaged staff to pray and ask God if this is a step He wants you to take in your marriage.

Check out the many dates and locations and choose one that works for you! To get the discount, please register by phone at 1-800-FL-Today.

A Gift for Your Ministry Partners!

A great way to say thank you to your married and engaged ministry partners is to give them the opportunity to invest in their marriages at a FamilyLife Weekend to Remember for $100/couple. That’s $250 off the registration fee through December 2020 with promo code: CruThanks.

To make it easier to bless your ministry partners, we’re providing a sample prayer letter you can send! documents you can use to include this offer in your next prayer letter!

Your partners will get to experience a ministry of Cru as they attend a Weekend to Remember conference. When God works in their lives at this event it will help them understand the vision and mission of Cru and why financially partnering with you is so important!

If you plan to go, invite others to go with you.

Last year a Cru staff couple attended the conference and brought nine couples from their small group. Though the weekend is designed for one-on-one time, attending the conference with your small group is a great way for built-in encouragement and accountability after the conference!

“The nine other couples that joined us loved the weekend. We met just a few days after attending the conference to debrief on what we had learned and were processing. It was so refreshing to be with like-minded people who really want their marriages to thrive.”