Group Plan FAQs

There are three major benefits to creating a group name:

  1. You can bring help and hope to a hurting couple.
  2. You can save your marriage retreat group money. Register up to 1 day prior to the getaway start date and get the group rate—a savings of $100 per couple.
  3. You can save yourselves money. For every five couples who register at any paid rate (excluding scholarships) using your group name, you receive a complimentary couple’s registration. Use this complimentary registration yourselves or transfer it to another couple.

There are two steps to creating a group name:

  1. Sign-up
  2. Invite others to join your group by using your group name to register for any Weekend to Remember conference.

No, the couple requesting a group name is responsible for activating their own group name. They will be asked to provide their information.

Registrations must be received at least one day prior to the event date to receive the group rate.

Register online or call 1-800-FL-TODAY (1-800-358-6329) to register by phone. Enter the group name in the group name field online or mention the group name when registering by phone.

There is no need to collect registrations. Your guests should be encouraged to register online or by phone. Be sure to enter the group name in the group name field online or mention the group name when registering by phone.

If you choose to collect registrations for your group, be aware that holding registrations could cause your group to be unable to attend in the event of a sellout. Instead, call or mail in registrations immediately—as you get them—to ensure that seats are reserved.

There is no minimum number of people required to create a group name. Your group exists as soon as you establish a group name. Those registering with your group up to ONE day prior to the conference will get the early group-rate savings of $100 off per couple. Those registering with your group name after the ONE day deadline will receive the regular rate, but they still count toward your group total and can help you earn a complimentary couple’s registration.

Call 1-800-FL-TODAY (1-800-358-6329) and ask for your group status. For every 10 individual (5 couples) paid registrations, you will receive a complimentary couple’s registration. You can also see this information if you have set up an account on our Group Coordinator Tool at This information is available under “Group Information” once you login.

Call 1-800-FL-TODAY (1-800-358-6329) to register for any conference and request your complimentary couple’s registration. Or, you can transfer your complimentary couple’s registration to someone else.

As the group coordinator, you must call 1-800-FL- TODAY (1-800-358-6329) and register the other couple once the complimentary couple’s registration has been earned.

Yes, but you will need to renew your group every 12 months. Call 1-800-FL-TODAY (1-800-358-6329).

Yes, we offer scholarship assistance. However, the couple requesting the scholarship is responsible for calling 1-800-FL-TODAY (1-800-358-6329) to determine if they meet all scholarship qualifications. Scholarship registrations cannot be taken under a group name and will not count in your group totals.

Create Your Group!

Becoming a Group Coordinator sounds a lot more intimidating than it actually is. All you have to do is create a group name and spread the word to your friends and family using a variety of free promotional tools and simple referral links.

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