Military-Focused Marriage Retreat Sessions

A wife watches in anticipation for her uniformed husband to walk from the jet-bridge through the gate. She waits eagerly to be in his arms again. It’s been a long year. She wonders what it will be like to be together again―in-person. Will it be like starting over?

Marriage has both ups and downs, joys and struggles. But for military families, we understand that your marriage looks different. Deployment, uncertainty, and constant transition add strain and stress to your relationship.

This is why Cru Military and FamilyLife have teamed up to plan special military-friendly Weekend to Remember getaways. The unique military culture requires a unique ministry.

The is a marriage retreat providing couples the messages they need to hear to encourage, inspire, challenge and refresh their relationship. Then one-on-one times provide an environment to process with each other how they can apply these messages and move toward deeper connection.


“It was a safe atmosphere to not be OK. It opened our eyes to the concept of oneness vs. isolation. We realize our communication skills need work…but we opened our hearts to one another again.” –Military; Married 5 years, Williamsburg, VA

“This conference gave us tools to use and share as we navigate challenges in our marriage and military life. WE are grateful for the investment of FamilyLife.” –Military; Married 17 years, Raleigh, NC

“It’s been reunifying during a season of chaos.” –Military; Married 6 years, Montgomery, AL

Before Deployment

The Weekend to Remember provides a couple much-needed time away, without distractions, to focus on your marriage.

During Deployment

You have the opportunity to learn tools of communication which you will then apply during deployment so that you and your spouse will “stay connected” even though miles apart.

After Deployment

Going to a marriage retreat upon return from a deployment provides the opportunity for you and your spouse to encourage one another with “what we did right” and identify “what we could do better.” The latter is important because another deployment is often a part of the military life.

Find your getaway

While we offer Weekend to Remember events in more than 80 locations, select marriage retreats include a Saturday breakout session specifically for military couples. This session will equip you with a specific set of communication tools for use during deployment, reintegration, and transitions.

Special rates

ACTIVE military, Reserves or Guard can receive a discounted rate of $60 per person ($120 couple). To qualify for this special discounted rate, please call 1-800-FL-Today (800-358-6329) to register.

Hotel and meals are extra. Please contact the getaway hotel for reservation and rates.

Register Early. Our locations sell out quickly.