Having a New Baby Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be

Despite your expectations of the bliss that would come with parenthood, the reality is that adding a new human being into your household adds new challenges to your relationship. A list of demands from a helpless baby serves to create strife in your union over struggles that didn’t previously exist.

Parenting quickly consumes your full attention, not to mention all the other pressing items on your to-do list. Your spouse may only get the scraps you have left by the time the night is wrapping up.

The dynamics of your marriage have certainly shifted, but that doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed. And you’re not alone when it comes the dissatisfaction you may be experiencing in your marriage post-baby.

Growing together takes intention

The health and success of your home—and especially your children—depend on the stability of your marriage relationship. Weekend to Remember is a great opportunity to spend intentional time strengthening your marriage and pursuing your spouse.

Great marriages don’t just happen. They require regular investments of time and energy to stay strong. Transforming your marriage can begin this weekend when you let go of your expectations and start to embrace and improve your current reality.

Your new reality may not meet your previous expectations, but there’s still good news: Investing in your relationship can help you to regain the intimacy that you once had with your spouse. Come see what God has in store for your relationship at Weekend to Remember.


This getaway has been a huge eye opener and has given us the tools we needed… We have learned what we needed to be a successful couple and parents. We have learned what we need to work on individually to make us better as a couple. Certain parts of our marriage we were focusing on the things that were not important, and by coming here we have learned what the real issues were. We need God in our marriage and to be selfless not selfish. We learned how important it is to put our marriage before our children. We also realized how much we actually like to be alone together and that we’re actually best friends. Thank you for this Weekend to Remember!

A Getaway for New Parents