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Life has been busy and intense. This weekend away was a wonderful opportunity to connect on a deeper level emotionally, spiritually, and physically!

— Married 5 yrs

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Hard works pays off

“Over the last year, since our first retreat, our marriage has made a 180o turn around. This weekend validates the hard work we did over the last year, and is spurring us on to more forward movement. Praise God! And thank you Family life!”

Married 22 years

Continue to grow in oneness

We attended last year on the verge of divorce. It saved our marriage! Over the last year, we have worked hard with God to reconcile and strengthen our marriage. We chose to attend again 1 year later to continue to grow in oneness and deepen our marriage. (husband, Married 4 years)

Fight for our marriage

“This is my third year attending WTR. First year I was by myself going through a divorce. Second year my husband came to entertain the idea we maybe had a chance, but again, he left halfway through the conference. This year we both came completely recommitted. God is so Amazing and Faithful. Thank you for giving us the tools and Hope to fight for our marriage and family.
Wife married 7 years “

Marriage maintenance

“Our third FamilyLife event and we find ourselves so energized by it that we want to make the experience a regular part of our married life. Hoping to start a ministry to other couples in our own home using FamilyLife resources. You are a rescue team we so need!
Married 3 years”

Marriage maintenance

“We attend the WTR every year. This is our 10th year. Although the material remains the same, we get something out of it every year! The speakers bring new dynamics, and we are in a different place in our marriage each time. WE feel like the annual tune-up is invaluable in the continual health of our marriage. Thank YOU!!!
Married 17 years”

Marriage maintenance

We came to this getaway last year and experienced some really wonderful breakthroughs in our marriage. This year God has showed us new things, reinforcing what we learned before. This ministry has been a blessing to us, giving us tools to follow God’s principles in our marriage and live with hope and purpose in Christ. Married 8 yrs. 6 to 7

Hard works pays off

This is our third year and each time we learn something that continues to push our relationship in a positive way. Each year we live a little better because of this. We leave with a little more clarity and practical solutions to these issues. Wife, Married 4 years

Fight for our marriage

We came to WTR November 2016 and it was a big struggle throughout the year. Everything we learned was challenged and we had one of our hardest years. But God…a few weeks ago the Lord prepared our hearts where we came with joy and excitement. With anticipation we started our journey at this WTR. We both used the workbook, did the projects. We have been able to talk through our pains and joys together. We feel like newlyweds all over again with the understanding that hard times will come but we are a team fighting for each other.

Marriage maintenance

We had attended 3 Weekend to Remembers in the past, it was actually a wedding gift originally. We had not been for over 2 years and decided to come again. Wow. It is so true that you are either moving toward oneness or drifting towards isolation. It was a wake up call how far and how quickly you can drift apart if you are not working toward oneness. We have received the great benefits at the Weekend to Remember again and affirmed that we will not go another 2+ years again! Thank you so much to all the volunteers and staff for all that you do, you are changing lives and changing the world.

Quality time together

Our marriage has been going strong for almost 10 years and this is our 2nd marriage conference with FL. We went when we were newlyweds. We were so encouraged and refreshed by spending quality time together without all the distractions around us. Thank you FL!

Provided the tools

Our marriage is stonger because of the tools that we recieved. 13 years of attending!

Marriage maintenance

Our 4 experiences in 6 years, I and my wife are a living testimony of how FamilyLife makes good marriages great, troubled marriages good, and breaking marriages a chance to become a better. saving marriage. Thanks for all you do