What Happened to the Romance?

Your expectation for romance may once have included a gourmet meal prepared by a highly-trained chef served on a white linen tablecloth by candlelight. In reality, your latest version of date night is probably far different.

It’s easy for couples to lose the spark that initially sustained their relationship. Life changes, and you fall into a comfortable routine that favors convenience instead of conversation.

Unfortunately, couples start to feel the strain on their marriage when they stop investing time into their relationship. That’s why a regular date night is essential to the overall success of your marriage.

How do you get IT back?

The process of building intimacy with your spouse requires a commitment from both of you.

At Weekend to Remember, you can start investing in your relationship and building intimacy immediately. This weekend will give you the tools you need to achieve a marriage connection that’s deep and meaningful.

Experience everything that God designed your marriage to be and get the help you need to lift your marriage out of its slump and get back on track.

The road to intimacy is long and paved with intentional time spent with your spouse—no matter what you happen to be doing.


We have a healthy marriage, but knew we needed the time away to better connect with one another, and are always open to learn more and improve ourselves individually and together. We weren’t sure what to expect, and now we are walking away with a better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses and we have a golden, God-centered toolbox to help our great marriage and parenting skills become even better. It was exactly what we didn’t know we needed! –Married 4 years

This weekend saved my marriage, family, and home. April 9, 2016 was the date our divorce would have been final and instead it became our Date Night. –Wife married 3 years